Animal Control

The City of Bellmead employs Animal Control Officers to enforce the various City ordinance codes as well as Texas state laws that have been incorporated into the Bellmead Code of Ordinances to regulate and prevent domestic as well as wild animals from becoming nuisances within our community. The mission of these officers is to safeguard the animals and ensure the safety and public health of all Bellmead residents and visitors alike.

To accomplish their mission , one of the main goals of our Animal Control Officers is to provide community education and raise public awareness as to the ever-growing population of abandoned and neglected animals within our city. In addition to raising awareness the officers provide pet health tips, information on spay and neutering, how to report an animal at large and or who to notify in the event of a bite.


Report all animal bites at the time they occur to the Bellmead Police Department or to Animal Control for the victim’s safety.

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Pet Registration: All Pets must be registered with the City annually unless they have a lifetime registration. To obtain lifetime registration an animal must be spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and micro-chipped. For annual registration the only requirement is that the animal has been vaccinated for rabies.

Trap Neuter Return Policy: Cats are the only pets that are allowed to roam freely. All others must be restrained by either tether or enclosure. Please be aware that the City of Bellmead has adopted the Trap Neuter Return Policy for feral cats. Should a feral cat become a nuisance to a citizen or neighborhood please contact Animal Control . These animals will be trapped, and taken to a veterinary clinic where they will be vaccinated , spayed or neutered, and marked by clipping the left ear, then returned to the neighborhood where they were trapped.

Annual Low Cost Veterinary Clinic: The City of Bellmead in conjunction with The La Vega Veterinary Clinic sponsors an annual low cost vaccination clinic. During this event microchips are offered free of charge or at a very low cost. Pet owners can also obtain valuable information regarding the safety and health of their pets. For information on the time and date of the next low cost event please watch the First American marque or the one in front of City Hall. The Event is usually held in the Spring and you may also check the Special Events section of this Web Site.


All dogs picked up and not returned to their owners are taken to

The Humane Society of Central Texas

2032 Circle Rd, Waco TX 254-754-1464.

I Lost My Dog?

Call Animal Control at 254-412-7518 Ext 118 or 254-412-7517 Ext 117.

How do I get my Dog back?

Get More Information at humanesocietycentraltexas or centexlostpets

Do you have too many animals and need help getting rid of some or all of them ?

Find out how at spca,  marcpets, humanesocietycentraltexas, or  animalbirthcontrol 

Code Enforcement

If you are a Property Owner please assist the City in not allowing your property to become a Nuisance. The City of Bellmead City Ordinances are derived from the State Laws of Texas governing what a Nuisance is. Code Enforcement is the enforcer of those laws and ordinances.


Nuisance [Simple Definition]: a person, thing, or situation that is annoying or that causes trouble or problems

Nuisance [Full Definition]: 1 : harm, injury 2 : one that is annoying, unpleasant, or obnoxious : pest

Examples of a Nuisance:

Tall grass and weeds, tree limbs and brush, trash, litter, garbage, junk vehicles, vehicle parts, discarded tires, batteries, electronics, oil and paint, standing water, building materials, animals, noise, and fires just to name a few. Nuisances create health and safety hazards, reduce property values of adjacent and surrounding properties, create unsightly aesthetics to the reasonable person or create breeding and living places for insects, rodents, and reptiles. Nuisances must be removed!


Code of Ordinances:
Bellmead Code Enforcement Policy

Need help with wheel chair ramp or winterization? or

How do I dispose of a nuisance?

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Wild Animals:

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